Date:  November 5th, 2012

Dear Reader(s), Your Correlation 99 publisher has decided to let you know the

outcome of 2012 presidential race.  It should be no surprise that there has been

a pattern by the Powers that are controlling these elections to keep the presidental

races fairly close in order to garner more interest.  Order Out Of Chaos has always

been a part of this scheme.  You will remember how George W. Bush won his two

races by a close margin.

Another plan of the Illuminati is to keep a President in office for 8 years that is following

along with the NWO plan.  Keeping these theories in mind, it is not too difficult to predict

that Obama will win the election of 2012 and stay in office for another four years.  

Folks, Your Correlation 99 publisher has known for over a year that Obama would win

this election.  Just as the Clinton and Bush's re-elections were very predictable.

Regards, Correlation 99 Publisher